Black Bib Pants XM Coastal Size XS

The Black Bib Pants XM Coastal Size XS is designed to be used in coastal sailing or any similar outdoor activity, as it is a very comfortable and completely technical due to its transpiration and waterproofing.

Guarantees that this will be able to give freedom to the movements since it is completely resistant. The XM Coastal Size XS Black Bib Pants is made of polyamide which creates a water-repellent cover and is lined with mesh to make it even more resistant to abrasions that may be caused at the time of navigation.

Characteristics Black Bib Pants XM Coastal Size XS

In its interior you can see that it is completely lined with mesh.

It has a single pocket which has a flap-shaped lid accompanied by a Velcro closure and inside is a mesh which creates the emptying in conjunction with the rings that are around.

The XM Coastal Size XS Black Bib Pants has a lateral closure on the ankles apart from the function of being adjustable.

It has elastics in the area of ​​the pelvis and between legs.

In the area of ​​the knees is articulated to provide greater flexibility.

A clip was designed just to hang the breastplate.

The back of the kneepads are reinforced with the best material.

In the crotch, friction is avoided by omitting the seams in that area.

The straps that the pants have are wide enough so that they fulfill their function in a successful way, besides they are adjustable so as not to create discomfort and because they are reinforced to guarantee durability.

For this type of benefits generates comfort and comfort in addition to its zipper and flap are covered and the ankles are optimally foldable.

 How To Choose Black Bib Trouser Size XM Coastal Size XS

The Black Bib Pants XM Coastal Size XS must be chosen propitiously to avoid that when being used is not the size that is needed and creates inconveniences, therefore at the time of purchase it is measured all sizes to ensure that the which is chosen is the necessary one.

For this there are two ways, the first should be only with underwear and the other is that you can measure with protective clothing to get as close as possible to the conditions in which you will wear on the suit.




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